Our Story

bringing old to a new life.

What is GrillKeg?

Enter GrillKeg – a planet and customer-friendly business run by a couple of friends that share a common goal. A goal to reduce the waste levels around the globe by turning the unwanted materials into something durable, practical and convenient.

Something, that will change your summers and your friends‘ gatherings forever.

How did we come up with this idea?

Through passion and experience.

As owners of various sustainable businesses for over a decade, we have intertwined them to prove how much can be achieved with seemingly less material. As owners and creators of the biggest beer keg business in the Baltic States, we know our products inside and out and we know our products inside out and what can be exactly accomplished when proper care is taken.

Full-cycle of a Keg

The steel used is not only renewable – it belonged to us from the start and we know exactly how to treat it.

From beer kegs to grills – we know how to do it and we deliver it.

We took the old kegs that were used in our sister-company and instead of getting rid of it, we came up with a sustainable solution. Now thanks to this idea, we have both - your grilling experience and your summer food covered for the foreseeable future to come.

It will stay as it is

With a steel of the end result as thick as 2 mm, You will be surprised to see that as the years go by, the shape and form of the grill remains as new.

By acquiring our one-off product renowned for its quality you will not only save money, but also take care of the environment.

100% of the materials of our grills are made from renewable steel and wood, thus securing the longevity in every way possible.

Cook, boil, smoke, flip, wok

All of our grills combine a plethora of functions for every day and night needs.

No longer will your evening BBQs with friends or family be restricted with simple meat dishes. Now you can use our multifunctional grills to create a perfect appetizing soup by using the grill as a pot. Fancy a wok? That will become possible as well. And not to mention that our grills can be turned into smokehouses for that magnificent beefsteak that your family bought recently – the possibilities are endless.

Quality, exceptionality, durability, passion.

These are the main drives behind GrillKeg’s philosophy and we are here to deliver nothing but top quality to you.