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Quality, exceptionality, durability, passion. These are the main drives behind GrillKeg’s philosophy and we are here to deliver nothing but top quality to you.

We don't throw it away.

According to the latest statistics, 56% of all the steel in Europe is recycled.

We recycle 100%.

All of the grills produced at GrillKeg are a definition of sustainability. We aim to provide a grill that will last for a long time and that will not put any additional negative impact on the environment during its creation.

Our grills are made to last.

What people say about our grills

Donatas Kucikas,
Chef of Juodasis Kalnas in Juodkrante

The oval shape of the Keg grill itself creates a perfect temperature distribution in the cooking space, as there are no angles and planes that increase the area for heat dispersion.

When closing/opening the grill we can quickly and conveniently vary the range of temperatures, which allows us to work perfectly with meat, fish and vegetable preparations of various sizes and fractions.

Chef Alim Amanbaev

If you want to make a lot of delicious dishes using a kazan, then in addition to the kazan you need to purchase a special oven. A great deal of national dishes of the Central Asian nations are prepared with the help of a kazan, but in order for the dishes to taste as close to the original as possible, you need to purchase a quality oven for your kazan.

For several years I am using ovens of company GRILL KEG, which I can tell you about as I find comfortable and easy to use. The oven is made of a reliable 100-liter stainless steel beer barrel. To reduce the directional effect of a strong flame on the walls of the oven, the manufacturer provided it with a fire-bar.

The design provides a smoke exhaust pipe of a special design with protection against heating, where excellent traction is created, due to which the firewood flares up more strongly.

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